We may join in a moment

or over time, with fire or

a quiet glow, entranced

until misunderstandings

and pain eat at the edges

of our unique connectings.



It is then decisions are made:

To repeat the patterns until

only an empty shell remains

or venture forth into new ways

of being a couple and reigniting

the loving connections

How little we know about our partner and how much we think we

know-two of the great distancers and destroyers of relationships.

I have applied my twenty-seven years of working with couples in inpatient units, mental health centers and private practice and

training to create an intervention that reinforces the healthy

and productive aspects of coupling while deepening each partner’s

                inner core of identity within the relationship.

This new way of relating to each other is learned in session with the pace guided by each partner’s readiness for relationship change and              

                  commitment to practicing between sessions. 

                 Call Virginia Gordon 847-433-5133 with questions

                                or interest in moving forward.